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Dog Daycare

Boston Dog Company is ranked as the safest dog daycare in America! Additionally, we have won best daycare in New England for 3 consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016). We are not your average daycare. In fact, we only accept an approximately 5-10% of applicants. This is why we are called the "Harvard of the Dog Daycare World".

Dog Walking

We now offer group dog walking and private solo-dog walking service. This ensures that every dog receives lots of one-on-one attention they deserve. All of our walkers are experienced and we leave a report card at the end of every walk.

Dog Boarding

We offer a unique home-away-from-home experience. In fact, every dog the boards with Boston Dog Company home-style dog boarding has an entire house just for them. This ensures each dog receives lots of one-on-one attention they deserve. Average dog boarding accommodations range between 1,200sq ft-1,800 sq ft per dog.

Pet Wellness Exams

Even when your pet is healthy, Pet Wellness Exams are vital. When treated early, there are issues that can be quickly and cheaply solved, which is why we’re committed to practicing preventative care at our Veterenary Hospital. Contact us to learn more about our services and how you can help make a difference in the lives of pets.

Veterinary Diagnostic Labs

Our state of the art clinic is fully equipped to handle all issues when it comes to animals. We’re committed to your pet’s health and will always do our best to treat and heal animals in pain. Our Veterinary Diagnostic Labs, available to all animals in Cambridge, help you give your loving pet the attention and care it needs.

Emergency Care Services

When you get a pet for the first time, making sure your new friend receives all appropriate treatment and services is vital to their overall health and happiness. We provide Emergency Care Services for all of our patients across the Cambridge area in order to make sure your pet gets to live the happy and painless life they deserve. Schedule an appointment today.

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