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About Us

Boston Dog Company is dedicated to Teddy the dog that started it all.

In 2010, the owner's dog Teddy suffered a near fatal injury at a well-known dog daycare in Boston, Massachusetts. As a 3-month old puppy at only 12lbs he barely survived the attack. At the end of the first week he suffered thousands of dollars in injures.


Picture (Teddy gets a belly rub): Christine Young, director (top), 5 1/2yr old Teddy (bottom)

Picture: 6yr old Teddy (left), Christine Young, director

Boston Dog Company was founded with the mission of creating the safest dog daycare in the world. Unlike other dog daycares Boston Dog Company doesn't accept non-social dogs.

Most dog daycares accept every dog with the goal of utilizing dog daycare as a tool to socialize dogs. At Boston Dog Company, we feel that it is inherently dangerous to place unsocial dogs into a pack of dogs. This is why at most other dog daycares injury and dog attacks are common place. Not at Boston Dog Company, we have been awarded Safest Dog Daycare of the Decade (U.S Pet Review)!

Our policy of accepting only 5-10% of applicants on average ensures only the absolutely most social dogs earn the privilege of becoming a Boston Dog!

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