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Benefits of Professional Clipping


Some dogs can be extremely nervous and anxious about getting their nails clipped. This can result clipping the nail too short. A veterinary or groomer will have substantially more experience with dog nail trims and will be less likely to hurt the dog. Additionally, if your dog knows they can get their way by whining, they may also whine in order to get you to stop working on her nails.

In many cases, if trimming an anxious or nervous dogs nails can lead to a negative association with the owner. It is better to maintain only a positive association between dog owner and dog. This strengthens the human-dog bond.

We offer dog nail trims at an affordable price. We understand the importance of maintaining a regular schedule for dog nail trims.

Nail Trims






All dogs must have a Rabies Vaccines

All dogs must be well-behaved

We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.




Importance of Regular Clipping

It is very important to understand that allowing a dog's nails to grow too long can result in injuries. Especially if your dog visits dog daycare or dog parks regularly overgrown nails can cause injury to other dogs. In addition, not only may the nails crack, but your dog may get their toenail caught in the carpet or bedding and rip the nail off. If the nail is ripped off this can be extremely painful and will require immediate veterinary attention. Furthermore,  once nails are overgrown, your dog may require sedation in order to grind his or her nails down to the proper length.


with any paid veterinarian appointment

We are proud to offer a complimentary nail trim with every office visit with our veterinarian at 555 Main Street Wilmington, MA 01887. This complementary nail trim offer is only valid at our Wilmington location.

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