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We sell both Dog Treats and Cat Treats. Best of all we offer a 105% Best Price Guarantee!

Dog Treats

Every Dog deserves only natural and quality dog treats.

We promise to never sell dog treats from China.

We sell a variety of crunchy dog treats, soft dog treats, healthy dog treats, dental dog treats, animal bone dog treats, freeze dried dog treats, jerky dog treats, human grade dog treats, and local made dog treats.

Your Pet Deserves the Best

At Boston Dog Company, we will never compromise on the quality of the dog treats and cat treats we sell.

This is our Promise!

If you don't see a dog or cat food brand you want no problem we can order practically any brand and have it in your local Boston Dog store in as little as 24-hours.


We have 5 convenient locations to buy high quality cat food and cat supplies. Plus we carry both dog and cat dry and wet food.


Pet food inventory varies from location please call to check availability prior to visiting one of our locations.

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