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In-Home Pet Sitting You can Trust

Why Choose Boston Dog Company's Pet Sitting Service?

We are a fully licensed and insured pet sitting service and pet care provider. More importantly you can physically visit any of our: retail pet supply stores, dog daycares, and veterinary clinics. Having a real physical address makes a difference

Most pet sitting service advertised either by a company/service proivder or an individual pet sitter on Craigslists are both unreliable and dangerous. If a pet provider chooses to "leave town" after you dog is injured in their care or worse suffers a fatal injury there is no legal recourse. We advise against choosing a provider on Craiglists. In addition, pet sitters that only have a website, but no physical address or locations other than a P.O Box or UPS store address (PMB address). It is dangerous to use a service that can literally leave town at the first signs of a problem. Don't take a risk.

Boston Dog Company is reliable and trusted pet sitter with 5 physical retail locations. We are not going anywhere.

Our pet sitting rates start at $45 for 3 visits pet day (morning feeding & potty break, afternoon potty break, and evening feeding & potty break).

If you want your dog to receive more walks we can add that in for a nominal fee.

Our full-service pet sitting service includes a pet sitter staying overnight in your residence. The pet sitter will give your dog or cat tons of attention. They will walk and play with your dog throughout the day. Our rate for a pet sitter stay in your home is $75.

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