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Dog Daycare Rates
Hourly Rate, Half-Day (4-6 hours), and Full-Day 6-12 hours).

We offer 3 rates, an hourly rate for the first 4-hours, half-day dog daycare rate, and full-day dog daycare rate.

Hourly Rate (1-3 hours)

Most dog daycares only offer half-day and full-day rates. We offer hourly rates to provide a customized and more affordable service.

1 hour of Dog Daycare = $10
2 hours of Dog Daycare = $14
3 hours of Dog Daycare = $18

Half-Day Dog Daycare Rate

Most dog daycares consider 4 hours of daycare as a half day of daycare. At Boston Dog Company we believe that quality dog care should be accessible to everyone. This is why we offer an extra 2 hours at no extra cost.

4-6 hours of daycare = $22

Full-Day Dog Daycare Rate

We offer a longer daycare day than most dog daycares. We open earlier and closer later. We understand that you have a busy schedule. Worrying about picking up your dog before the daycare closes is the last thing you should ever have to worry about. This is why all Boston Dog locations are open Monday through Friday 7am-7pm (12-hours).

Full-day Dog Daycare Rate = $30 (up to 12-hours of care)

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