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Pet Supplies

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We guarantee the lowest price in the state of Massachusetts! As a core mission we understand it can be costly to own a pet and we want to do our part of offering great products at a great price. Proud to offer quality pet food, pet treats, toys, clothing, and accessories.

The Boston Dog Company pet supply stores offers a wide selection of pet related products. Just because we are a pet boutique doesn’t mean are prices are pricey! In fact Boston Dog Company offers an unbeatable price match with all local competitors. Not only are our prices lower than other pet specialty retailers, we are lower than the Big Box Stores including Petco and Petsmart. Frequently, our prices are 10-20% lower than the Big Box stores. When thinking about a local pet supplies store think Boston Dog.

We currently sell pet supplies including: Pet Food, Pet Treats, Dog Clothing, and Pet accessories. Not all brands and products are listed on our website. Below is a list of some of our most popular items and brands.

The Healthiest Food And Care Products

The Store

Pet Food

Grooming Products


Pet Treats

Boston Dog Company only sells quality pet food, pet products and accessories. Since, we are primarily a pet service company we do not need to make money from pet supplies sales. This is why we can sell our pet supplies lower than all competitors. Our goal is to make quality pet food and products more accessible to more pet owners. We are consistently lower than all Big Box retailers including Petco, and Petsmart, we are even lower than


Disclaimer: In some cases we are required from manufacturers to adhere to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP). Only when required from manufacturers or other branded licensed products will we adhere to a minimum pricing.

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