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Concord Dog Daycare

Our Concord Dog Daycare is located on a beautiful West Concord Village. We are in approximately 1-mile from ROUTE 2. We are only 1-2 blocks from the West Concord Commuter rail station.

Looking for the best dog daycare in Concord?

Boston Dog Company is award-winning Concord dog daycare. Our Dog Daycare in Concord is a state-of-the-art 3,000 sq ft facility. Boston Dog will continue our mission of providing a dog-centered dog daycare. Every aspect of our dog daycare is designed to promote a holistic dog experience.

From Cage-free dog boarding to dogs in our daycare receiving walks throughout the day, our goal is delivering  DOG happiness. Boston Dog Company is where the smart dogs go!

Our Concord Dog Daycare will serve the following cities: Acton, Concord, Sudbury, Maynard, and Stow, Massachusetts. Our unique dog daycare facility incorporates the use of natural sunlight throughout the facility.

Our goal is to ensure that all elements of our dog daycare in Acton provides complete transparency. This is why all Boston Dog locations have walls and doors made of glass so that dogs can be seen from every part of our daycare. We have nothing to hide.

We have separate rooms for small, medium, and large dogs to ensure your dog in playing with friends of similar size. Always be cautious of dog daycares that place both small dogs and large dogs in the same play areas. The fact is that even a playful and friendly lab can injure a small Chihuahua.

The core to a holistic dog experience is based upon a regime of exercise which helps your dog’s overall emotional well being. We provide more than just exercise, we have created a social atmosphere where dogs can play and gain confidence through play and interact with our dedicated staff who understand dog behavior.

Dogs that play with other dogs gain a new found appreciation for what it means to be a dog. They develop a wonderful temperament and are well socialized so that they can grow to be better family members.

Our strict policy on well mannered and socialized dogs helps to ensure the best possible daycare experience and is the foundation of our philosophy. Boston Dog ONLY accepts 5-15% of applicants into our dog daycare.

Experience the Boston Dog Advantage!

We are only 1 mile away from Acton, Sudbury and 2-3 miles from Maynard, and just 3 miles from Stow.

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